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Interested in becoming a Magick Shay Professional?

At the heart of my business is the belief that botanical products can perform just as effectively as their clinical counterparts with less stress on our bodies and the planet. I believe that quality products made from plants deserve a seat in the professional skincare industry and that estheticians, beauty professionals, massage therapists, herbalists, and integrative practitioners are the most qualified professionals to lead the way. 


It's time to stop viewing plant medicines as crude and undeveloped precursors to skin science and get serious about their true complexity and application in the treatment room. 

Magick Shay embodies a deeply cultivated relationship with Cannabis for its ability to heal skin that's been resistant to conventional therapies. My ideal retail partnerships are with professionals who are excited about incorporating plant based approaches to acne and chronic skin conditions in the treatment room and wow-ing their clients with professional results while inspiring them to re-imagine skincare from a botanical perspective.

As you probably know, my products are made in small batches with locally sourced Hemp, mushrooms, and herbs, some of which I even grow or harvest myself. Due to the limited nature of each batch I'm taking a selective approach with my wholesale clients and prioritizing beauty professionals and body workers who are seriously obsessed with botanical therapies and who share my passion for big results over retail stores. I see my partnerships offering both treatment room and retail opportunities for fellow small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who want to elevate their service menu and offer products which are truly unique and transformative to their clientele.

Ideally these professionals will already have likeminded customers that you know will love Magick Shay. If you are a licensed esthetician with a strong focus on corrective skincare, natural products, facials, and waxing we are probably a great match! Likewise, if you are a massage therapist, bodyworker, or integrative practitioner who would love to incorporate CBD for pain management into your practice, we are also a good fit! Independent boutiques, vendors, and subscription services are welcome to apply and will be considered on a case by case basis. 

My worst nightmare is to see my products sit on a shelf and go unused. Or worse, have them reach the hands of potential customers who have no idea how to use them or how truly therapeutic and transformative they can be.

I dream of seeing my products in action, in a treatment room setting, where clients can experience their magic and medicine with professionals who can fully explain their use and benefits to ensure the best possible results. 

If you have any questions please email Can't wait to see if we're a match! 

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